An Invitation



Dear friends, sisters, and brothers.

I invite you, Passionists and friends of the Passionists, to join in a new Conversation about our life, mission, and gifts. We need one another, today more than ever, if we are to do the work of Christ in our times - and to do it well.

Our paths cross at The Graan, coming to Mass, in prayer, in meetings, as co‑workers, in ministry, at local events, etc. My suggestion is we take a bit of time out in the coming year to meet one another more fully.   Together, we are the Passionist family, one of the many diverse communities that make up Christ’s Church.

We have many gifts among us; how can they be better used?

We are blessed in the love of the Father; how can we spread love to those who so badly need love?

We trust in Jesus Christ, our Crucified and Risen Lord; what can we do that His Kingdom may come?

Pope Francis asks the Church to walk together, make the journey of faith alongside each other. He is always encouraging us to find new ways of serving those in need and sharing the hope of the Gospel.

So, let’s get together, and make a new start on the journey. The following pages explain the arrangements we are making for this.

In the peace and joy of Christ!

Fr James Sweeney cp



Three Themes for our Conversation

When I am lifted up, I will draw all people to myself (Jn 12:32)

  • Our shared journey
  • Passionists & friends
  • Sharing the Hope of the Gospel
  • The Memory of the Passion
  • Given to St Paul of the Cross
  • Living on today


You are invited to

The first session of these Passionist / Laity conversations, where we walk together as Christians, will take place in the Prayer Room here in The Graan on Monday 12th November 2018 at 8.30pm after 8pm Mass.


The theme of the first meeting is on Life.This will be facilitated by Sean Mc Caffrey and Dympna Clarke.

We especially invite people to this meeting who are closely involved with the Passionists here in our work at The Graan.