Food for the Soul

food for soulThe people of God are going through a tough time. Many of the institutions they came to rely on in the church, in society, and in the economy have let them down and come up short on answers. Yet through it all people still hunger for the truth and for meaning in their lives.

 Brian D’Arcy is one of the best known priests in Ireland and the UK. Every week through his newspaper columns and radio broadcasts he has brought the good news to people who badly want to hear it. Like most Catholics, he has had his own difficulties with the institutional church, even to the point of despair, yet he has battled on giving hope and insight to thousands of readers and listeners struggling to make sense of the world where so many of our 

traditional supports have buckled and twisted.

Brian D’Arcy’s Food for the Soul is a compendium of sermons and newspaper columns over the past few years in which people will find ‘little pieces of God’ to feed their souls. Covering themes of faith, hope, forgiveness, perseverance, and Christian witness in the commonplace and everyday, Brian D’Arcy conveys the beauty of God’s love for us in a way that few can match and all can understand.

If you struggle at times, but you know that God is out there somewhere, this book of insights, stories, and reflections will help to feed your soul and keep you on the road.