A Little Bit of Religion

Littlebit"It is eleven years since I began a weekly column in the Sunday World. That's 550 articles ago. Most articles served their purpose reasonably well: they sparked off a thought in readers' minds and they agreed or disagreed.

Like everything else in a newspaper, the articles became, by Monday, fodder for the wastepaper basket, or maybe something useful like wrapping.for fish and chips.

The articles were never meant to last, and yet a large percentage of the post each week asks me to repeat some article which someone found useful. That's been the basis of the articles in this book. Here are just some of those repeatedly asked for.

I know I'm not a skilled writer. But there are some honest thoughts expressed in the simplest and clearest way I know how. If you get a glimpse of a caring, loving, merciful, forgiving God, then it will have been worthwhile. Nothing else matters much."

Published in Ireland by Colour Books Ltd., Dublin