Another Little Bit of Religion

anotherIn this collection of his Sunday World articles Fr. Brian D'Arcy speaks to all whose hearts have been bruised by modern life

  • to women who have had abortions
  • to disabled victims of drunken drivers
  • to couples "living in sin"
  • to parents who have lost a child
  • to AIDS victims
  • to rape victims
  • to the depressed, the lonely, the sorrowing

"Know that your life makes a difference. Know that what you do might appear to be insignificant, but in God's eyes nothing is unimportant. God not only forgives us everything, but sees successes where we don't see them ourselves."

Brian D'Arcy's words of wisdom, compassion and good humour are a source of comfort and inspiration to all who are in distress.

Published by Campus Publishing, 26 Tirellan Heights, Galway City, Ireland
ISBN 1 873223 40 4