Food for the Soul

food for soulThe people of God are going through a tough time. Many of the institutions they came to rely on in the church, in society, and in the economy have let them down and come up short on answers. Yet through it all people still hunger for the truth and for meaning in their lives.

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Fr. Brian's New Book

fr brians new book

In these dark times for the Catholic Church in Ireland, the voice of
Fr Brian D’Arcy is one of the few clerical voices in the church which is readily listened to and heeded. This comes from his unfailing honesty, openness and  assionate love for the church, with all its vulnerabilities and weaknesses. In this book, he focuses on healing in both the church and the world

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A Little Bit of Hope

hopeHope lights candles instead of cursing the darkness

Hope opens doors closed by despair

Hope carries on despite heartache

Hope accepts tragedy with courage

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Reflections from the Heart

ReflectionsSimple Words
of Prayer and Inspiration
that will make you laugh
and maybe even cry -

Simple Words
to Inspire and Comfort you
amid the bustle of the world

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A Little Bit of Love

little bit of loveFather Brian D'Arcy

"I have this image of heaven that we'll find nothing new there. We'll wake from the long hours of sleep and nightmares and dreams and find that the arms which hold us will be the arms which have always held us."

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