15th December 2019

Sunday Collection: Came to £1410. Thank you for your generosity as always. The Development Collection came to £752.


Today is the Third Sunday of Advent: It is called Gaudete Sunday or Joyful Sunday. The rose coloured candle on our Advent wreath is lit today. —G.K. Chesterton said: “For the Christian, joy is central and sorrow is peripheral.  That is because life’s fundamental questions are answered and only the peripheral ones are not.  But for the one who does not know Christ, sorrow is central and joy peripheral, because the peripheral questions may be answered but the fundamental ones are not.” 


From Tuesday 17 December to Christmas Eve the prayers and the readings at Mass have a change of tone. Up to this date the readings have concentrated on the last days, but now they focus on preparation for the Christ Child being born in Bethlehem on Christmas Day. There is a special canticle for each of these final Advent weekdays, that is prayed at each Mass before the Gospel is read. They are referred to as the “O” antiphons because they start always with the phrase “Come O…” They are part of the Church’s prayer since the early Middle Ages.


Prayer at Advent: Lord, as we prepare for your coming at Bethlehem, we watch with patience. As the Word became flesh and lived and moved among us so we search for you, that in finding you we may respond with hearts and minds to that Love, born of Mary; to the Word made flesh dwelling in us so that we may dwell in Him. Amen


The Shop: Our shop has restocked for Christmas. There is a wonderful selection of cribs on display as well as candles and suitable gifts for Christmas, as well as Christmas Mass Bouquets. Enrolling your family and friends on our daily Mass Guild makes a special Christmas gift. Deceased, Get Well etc are also available.


Confession Times for Christmas: No Confessions / Duty today Sunday 15th.

Tomorrow Monday 16th - Fri 20th confessions 2pm – 5pm. Saturday 21st confessions from 2pm – 6pm.

Sunday 22nd. Masses are at 10.30am, 12noon & 4pm. No confessions / duty.

Monday 23rd – Confessions 2pm – 5pm. On (Christmas Eve) Confessions – 1pm – 5pm.


St Michael’s Scout Bandwill play at the 4pm Mass today. They will also play at the Christmas Eve Vigil Mass (Dec 24th) beginning with carols at 7.30pm in preparation for the blessing of the crib @ 7.50pm and Mass @ 8pm.   Christmas Day Masses will be at 9am. 10.30am, 12noon. There will be no Christmas Day Mass at 4pm.


2020 Graan Calendar: Is available free of charge at the Graan shop today. Please take one home with you.


Remembering the Dead at Christmas: We will be praying for all your deceased family relatives over the Christmas period. You can place their names in the special petition box at the front of the altar. They will be prayed for at all our Christmas Masses as usual.


Happy Christmas-: For those who can’t be with us on Christmas Day we wish you every blessing in this Holy Season. Thank you for all your support during 2019 We pray that we will have peace and happiness in our lives this Christmas and New Year.


A Film on Love and Mercy: The life of St Faustina and the devotion to the Divine Mercywill be shown tomorrow Monday 16th December at 6pm & 8.30pm in the IMC cinema in Enniskillen. To book your tickets go online to IMC cinema in Enniskillen.


New Book:Fr. Brian D’Arcy has authored a new book called “It has to be said” is on sale in our shop for £20.


Other Books on Sale at Reception: We have the Killyhommon Primary School Inspirational Thoughts 2020 book @ £5 and The Breath of God by Margaret Blessington @ £9 available also.

New CD: Sr. Marié Cox: together with two Mercy Sisters, Patricia O'Donovan and Frances Kennedy have a new CD entitled "May Hope Be Yours". It is available at the Graan shop £15. All proceeds going to the St. Vincent de Paul.


Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament is on every Fri from 10am – 5pm. Bulletin: Please take a bulletin home with you.


Recently Deceased Anniversaries

Molly   Cassidy, Derrygonnelly

Gerry   Goan, Enniskillen

Dan   Blake, The Limes, Enniskillen

Danny   Mc Quaid, Coonian

Ignatius   Swift, Kilmacrannell, Lisnaskea

Desmond   Mc Gale, Omagh

Canon   Patrick Lonergan, PE, Garrison - Belleek



Maura Curran, Westbridge   House, Enniskillen

Michael O’Dolan, Ashwoods,   Enniskillen

Patrick & Teresa Mc   Caffrey, Enniskillen

Francie Mc Gowan, Drumcose

Maureen Mc Donald, Derry

Katie & Hugh Fay,   Belturbet

Seamus Mc Cabe,   Newtownbutler

Sarah Carters, Tempo

Elizabeth Mc Cormick, Tempo

Patrick & Catherine Mc   Govern, Doagh, Derrygonnelly

Richard Jones,   Derrygonnelly

Eileen Rafferty,   Clonmackin, Newtownbutler

Gerry Murphy, Omagh

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