25th June 2017

Sunday Collection: Thank you for your continued generosity to us here at The Graan. The Collection came to £1810.   There will be a Development Collection taken up after communion today.


New Altar Servers: Any other boy or girl who has received First Holy Communion and who would like to become an Altar Server at The Graan. Please pick up a form at Reception today and return it as soon as possible.

Guild Mass Cards: We have a wide selection of cards for Deceased, Mass Bouquets, Get Well, Birthday, Special Occasion, Exams, With Thanks Bouquets which cost £2 / €2.50 each. We value your support.


Cathal Bui Festival. The Cathal Bui festival this year takes place on Wednesday 28th next until Monday 3rd July. It’s a crowded programme with something to do every day. It’s a wonderful festival and has always many pleasant surprises, artistically and for the community. There is a full programme of night entertainment in local establishments during the festival. Cathal Bui is on Facebook and also at As always we wish them well in their efforts.


DUTY: No Duty. Mon – Mass @ 8pm – Arthur. Duty 2 - 5pm on Tues: Brian.   Wed: Victor / Augustine. Mass: Victor.  

Thurs – Arthur. Fri - Anthony.   Sat –  Anthony.

Masses 1st & 2nd July Vigil 6.30pm: Anthony. 10.30am: Brian. 12noon: Brian & 4pm – Augustine.    Subject to change.  


Happy 65th Wedding Anniversary: Congratulations to Thomas and Madge Farmer from Drumgamph, Boho on the happy occasion of their Sapphire Wedding Anniversary today 25th June. On behalf of all at The Graan we wish Thomas and Madge every blessing they would wish for themselves. May God reward them both.


Feasts of the week: Tues - St Cyril. Wed is St Irenaeus. His name means lover of peace. Many Christians were being put to death so he taught that Christianity was about love and forgiveness not retaliation. “The Glory of God is a human being fully alive,” he said. Thurs - Sts Peter and Paul.. They were the founders of the Church in Rome. Both were executed for their faith. Peter was crucified and Paul was beheaded. Fri – First Martyrs of the Church of Rome.


JULY READERS AND MINISTERS: It’s important during the summer that all readers and ministers are present for the Masses they have been assigned to. If for some reason you can’t be here please do all you can to ensure a substitute stands in for you.


Benedictine Sister Joan Chittister writes in her new book Radical Spirit: 12 Ways to Live a Free and Authentic Life: "Humility is the virtue of liberation from the tyranny of the self. Now we have bigger things to be about in life than personal aggrandizement. The humble, no matter how great, do not spend their lives intent on controlling the rest of their tiny little worlds. On the contrary, once we learn to let God be God, once we accept the fact that the will of God is greater, broader, deeper, more loving than our own, we are content to learn from others. We begin to see everyone around us as a lesson in living.

Motorist Prayer:Grant me a ready hand, a watchful eye, that none may suffer hurt as I pass by / You gave us life, I pray no act of mine may take away or mare that gift of thine / Guard those, dear Lord, who bear me company, from fools and fire and all calamity / teach me to use my cars for others’ needs, nor miss, through lack of wit, or love of speed / the beauties of your world. That thus I may with joy and courtesy go on my way now and in eternity. Amen.


The Shop is open from Monday to Friday –9.30am – 8.30pm. Sat – 9.30am – 7pm and Sun - 9.30am – 5pm.

Bulletin: Please take a bulletin home with you. They are free.

Recently   Deceased Anniversaries

Mollie Mc Elrone, Graan   Abbey NH & Bannagh, Kesh

Phil Maguire, Anderstown,   Belfast

Jimmie Courtney,   Aghadrumsee

Kevin Mc Carney,   Irvinestown

Mae Corrigan, Abbey Drive,   Enniskillen

Josie Mc Cullagh, Arleston   Pk, Omagh

Barney & Anna Mc Hugh, Drumaa,   Boho

Kathleen & Billy Mc   Clintock, Drumcor Hill, Enniskillen

Fr Dermot Cleary C.P, Mount   Argus

Ann Brew, Brackwede Pk,   Enniskillen & Co Clare

Jim Brew, Sligo & Co   Clare

James O Doherty, Belmore   St, Enniskillen

Helena Kearns,   Aughakillymaude

John Mc Hugh, Swanlinbar