16th July 2017

Sunday Collection: The Collection came to £1707; the Development Collection came to £706. Thank you for your kind contributions as always. There will be a Development Collection taken up next Sunday (23rd)


Visitors: This is the holiday season and many of our regulars at The Graan are on holidays. If you’re about to go on holidays, I hope you have a pleasant, restful time. If you’re a visitor to Fermanagh and visiting our church, you are most welcome to participate as fully as you wish in our liturgy. We are delighted to have you here and please God it will add to the happy times you’ll spend in Fermanagh. Holiday Prayer: God our Father, we’ve waited for this time of holiday and now it’s finally here. We thank you for this time of rest from our daily routines. Thank you for the opportunity to spend time with family and friends. We are grateful for the ability to travel and explore your wonderful world. While we’re gone look after those we leave behind. Protect us as we travel and bring us home safely, refreshed and renewed in body and in mind. Amen.


Guild Mass Cards: We have a wide selection of cards for Deceased, Mass Bouquets, Get Well, Birthday, Special Occasion, Exams, With Thanks Bouquets which cost £2 / €2.50 each. We value your support.


DUTY: Monday: No Duty; Mass @ 8pm: Brian; Confessions &Duty: Tues – Fri, 2- 5pm; Mass at 8pm. Tuesday: Brian; Wednesday: Victor; Thursday: Augustine; Friday: Anthony; Saturday(5pm-6.15pm): Anthony. Masses 22nd & 23rd July Vigil 6.30pm: Victor; 10.30am: Anthony; 12noon: Brian; 4pm: Augustine.

All duties are subject to change.  


READERS AND MINISTERS: It’s important during the summer that all readers and ministers are present for the Masses they have been assigned to. If for some reason you can’t be here please do all you can to ensure a substitute stands in for you.


Feasts of the Week: Friday: St Lawrence of Brindisi was a member of the Capuchin Order and renowned for his preaching. Saturday: Mary Magdalene. She was a close friend of Jesus. She stood by the cross with Jesus and with two other women discovered the empty tomb on the day of Resurrection. Later that day the Risen Lord appeared to her and because she passed that news onto the other disciples, she is often referred to as the apostle to the apostles. Mary Magdalene is often identified with the sinful woman who anointed Christ’s feet (Luke’s Gospel) There is no evidence in the Gospel that Mary Magdalene was a sinner nor was she Mary the sister of Martha. She was just a loyal woman, like millions of loyal women in the Church today.

Reflection: Seven alternative deadly sins: 1. I don’t think; 2. I don’t know; 3. I don’t care; 4. I’m too busy; 5. I leave well enough alone; 6. I have no time to read and find out; 7. I am not interested.

(Taken from: And Catch the Heart Off Guard by Fr Brian; available at the shop here at The Graan.)


Keating Pictures:In the Monastery at the reception area, we have two famous paintings by Keating. This artist is now being really appreciated and his time has come. The man himself is long dead and he painted our works of art as a special commission when the church opened in the 1930’s. They used to hang above the altar in the church but at the time of the extension in the 70’s they were brought inside. Over the years they became badly damaged. They have been restored with protective covering to preserve their beauty. You are more than welcome to come in and see these rare pieces. He painted very little religious art and since these are specifically of St Paul of the Cross, founder of the Passionists and St Gabriel, the patron saint of The Graan, they are unique.


Valuables in your Car: Please do not leave valuables in your cars at any time at The Graan as it merely encourages criminals.

The Shop is open from Monday to Friday –9.30am – 8.30pm. Sat – 9.30am – 7pm and Sun - 9.30am – 5pm.

Bulletin: Please take a bulletin home with you. They are free.

Recently Deceased Anniversaries

Ted Owens, Ballyhaise / Kinawley

Eileen McGeehan, Coonian

Maureen Meehan, Tempo

Annie McGinnity, Roslea

Josie O’Hanlon, Irvinestown

Pat Darcy, Tattyreagh, Omagh

Margaret Kelly, Stockman’s Lane,   Belfast

Bridie Meyler, Omagh

Jimmy Rooney, Manorhamilton

Seamus Hoy, London / Levally,   Monea

Kathleen McShea, Springfield,   Enniskillen

Seán & Margaret Reilly &   Reilly family, Kinawley

Noel   Donegan, Rossorry Church Rd; Eddie & Dot Donegan, Mill St, Enniskillen

George & Agnes, Gerald,   George & Ethna Farrell, Whaley Terrace, Enniskillen

Michael Keavney, Erne drive,   Enniskillen

Kathleen & Francis   McCaughey, Tempo

Charles Murphy, Drumgallon,   Enniskillen

Francis, Mary-Kate, Paddy &   Brendan Reilly, Derrylin

Maggie Jane Kelly, Moybane,   Letterbreen