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Weekly Bulletin 10th October 2021

Today is the Twenty Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time: Today in the Gospel  (Mark 10:17-30) a rich man of excellent character came to Jesus wanting to live a better life. But when Christ told him that if he wished to become a disciple of his he would have to give up his wealth, he went away sad. We need the gift of Wisdom to help us to respond to the Lord in his challenging call to follow Him. The opening line of the psalm today is stark in its simplicity “Make us know the shortness of our life that we may gain wisdom of heart” (Psalm 89). The rich man asks what must he DO! “Good Master what must I do to inherit eternal life?” (Mark 10:17) Jesus is trying to get him away from that attitude. It is not merely about doing! Jesus lays out three steps he must take

(A)  First step is your obligation to your neighbour – Give to the poor! This man’s wealth was his status, his security, his interest, and his enjoyment in life. It was his comfort blanket. Jesus tells him to move it to a more secure bank that is owned by the Lord and you will have treasure in heaven. Your security will now rest on the faithfulness and generosity of a good God. When we are reduced to the situation of need and dependence he will have the opportunity to be receptive to the action of God in his life. Jesus said it in the Beatitudes: Blessed are you who are poor the kingdom of God is yours (Luke 6:20)

(B). Second step when you have divested your wealth is come and follow me!  St. Paul counted everything as loss for the sake of knowing Christ “I have come to consider all the advantages that I had as disadvantages. Not only that but I believe nothing can happen that will outweigh the supreme advantage of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. For him I have accepted the loss of everything and I look on everything as so much rubbish if only I can have Christ and be given a place in him” (Philippians 3:7-9)

(C )  Third step that this man needed to do was to keep his eye on Jesus and his relationship with him.  But he made the fatal mistake of not doing that. He keeps his wealth -and whatever security it may for a time offer – but in place of the joy and freedom he might have known in loving companionship with Jesus he has the sadness of knowing he is trapped controlled and prevented from gaining his deepest desires.

Do you notice how Jesus lets the man go?  Love does not control. The old man who wrote the first reading today said that all gold is a pinch of sand to those who have found the great gift and spirit of Wisdom (Wisdom 7:11). He had his priorities right! Today the Word of God is a challenge to all of us – it is compared to a double edge sword in today’s second reading – it judges our secret emotions and thoughts (Hebrews 4:12) It is impossible for us to make it into heaven with our own steam. It is a gift of God and our only response to such a great gift is what we are doing when we celebrate Mass which is also called Eucharist which means “Thanks” 


Feast Days: Monday: St. Pope John XX111. Elected Pope in October 1958 and responsible for calling the Second Vatican Council in October 1962. He died 3 June 1963. Friday: St. Teresa of Avila (1515-1582) First woman Doctor of the Church. Founder of the Discalced Carmelites. Saturday: St. Margaret Mary Alacoque (1647-1690). A visionary who revived devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.


Thanks: Thank you for your very generous collection of £1876 last weekend. Thanks also to our Ushers and Eucharistic ministers who help in the smooth running of our religious services. Thanks for following there instructions. Covid regulations are still in fashion! Please wear a mask in our Church building, keep social distancing and sanitise your hands.  A very special word of thanks also to the wonderful group of people – the October cleaning group – who helped clean this Church last Wednesday night.


Graan Draw: Tickets are available at all the doors of our Church for our annual draw. The draw will take place on the 17 December 2021 and can be viewed on our webcam. It is the only fund-raising activity that we have and we would appreciate your support by buying or selling tickets for us. 


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Guild Mass Cards:  We have a wide selection of cards for Deceased, Mass Bouquets, Get Well, Graduation, Wedding, Birthday, Christening as well as Christmas Mass Bouquets.  Cost £2 / €2.50.


Recently Deceased 


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