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Weekly Bulletin 11th June 2023

Today is the Feast of “The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ”. A deep conviction within the tradition of Celtic spirituality is that there is only a thin veil between the transcendent and immanent, between the sacred and secular, between the Creator and creation, between God and ourselves. The old Celts were also convinced that there are special moments when the veil is lifted or becomes gossamer thin, when our encounter with God becomes palpable, immediate, more than mediated. Again, the mystics of Christian tradition have said as much. The Christian Celts insisted, however, that the veil is at its thinnest, if not entirely lifted, when we celebrate and receive Eucharist. They saw Eucharist as the most mystical of moments—this side of eternity. The commission to parents in the ritual of the baptism states: “You will be the first teachers of your child in the ways of faith”—and by “first” I think the Church means most influential. When I worked in Belfast as a curate, we had great celebrations in our parish for the celebration of “First Holy Communions.” The children were there dressed in their finery, hymns were belted out by the children that were taught by their hard working teachers, but unfortunately we did not see most of them at Mass again until it came to their Confirmation Day! The Second Vatican Council said that the “split” that Christians manage to maintain between the faith we profess and our daily lives deserves to be counted among the more serious errors of our age” (“Constitution on Church in Modern World,” #43). This is a rather amazing statement. Speaking in 1965, you’d think the Council would name communism, or materialism, or secularism, and so on; but no, the worst of errors is the gap we Christians maintain between the lives we live and the faith we profess. There seems to be a “wall of separation” between our daily lives and the celebration of Mass.

We must approach the celebration and reception of Eucharist as a “thin veil” moment in the midst of the ordinary and everyday. So, Eucharist must arise from and return to life, with the commitment to live as disciples. Surely, that is what Vatican II meant when it said that the liturgy should be the “summit and source” of Christian faith (“Constitution on Liturgy,” #10).  After receiving the Body and Blood of Christ we take time to pray our thanksgiving. There is a little pattern or mnemonic that might help us to express our thanksgiving in silent conversation with Jesus. The word is “A-L-T-A-R”. Each word begins with the letter of the word “altar”

  • Adoration: Pause to be in awe and amazement at this moment of divine/human encounter; welcome Jesus and thank him for coming to you in the Eucharist; 
  • Love:Tell Jesus you love him and ask him to kindle the same spark of love in your heart that is so aflame in his for us all.
  • Talk: Talk to Jesus about your life, about what you’re “up to” and whatever is “going on” there; 
  • Ask: Recognise the help and blessings you need in your life at this time and ask for them; 
  • Repent/Resolve: Ask forgiveness as needed and make resolutions about how you will try to live as a disciple of Jesus, placing your life in his hands. 


Feasts of the Week: Tuesday: St. Anthony of Padua. The patron saint of “lost things”!  A friar of the Franciscan Order born in Lisbon in 1195 and died in Padua in 1231. He was canonised a saint less than a year after his death. Friday: The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. It is also the world day of prayer for priests. Saturday: The Immaculate Heart of Mary. 


Thanks for the collection last week. It came to £1590.  We appreciate your generosity. A word of thanks also to our Ministers of the Eucharist, Readers, Ushers, and Singers who help in our celebrations of the weekend liturgies.

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June’s Church Cleaning Group. Thank you as always to June’s Church cleaners for their continued hard work.

Recently Deceased

Joe Corrigan, Forthill Park, Irvinestown

Mrs Marie Donnelly, Draperstown.


Barney & Anna Mc Hugh, Drumna, Boho

The Mc Gurn family,

Ashwoods &  Togher family, Belmullett

Gerry Cassidy(1st Anniversary) Devenish Crescent, Enniskillen

Noel Donegan, Rossorry Church Road, Enniskillen

Eddie & Alice Donegan, Mill St, Enniskillen  

Donal & Dympna Blake, Tobermore Park, Enniskillen

Frs Cosmas & Marius Donnelly C.P, The Graan Monastery

Kevin Donnelly, California & Enniskillen  

Eileen Slevin, Tempo

Annie & Harry McGale,  87,Riverside, Enniskillen

Annie & Francis Keown, Cornahilta, Belleek

James & Peggy Keown, Roscor Belleek

Michael & Sarah Breen, Belfast

Paddy McGowan, Enniskillen  


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