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Weekly Bulletin 12th June 2022

Today is Trinity Sunday: The feast of Trinity is not just one feast among many others, as if it is just an item of faith.  Belief in the Trinity is the heart of the Christian faith, and every feast and every Sunday is a celebration of the Trinity.  However it is good to have one day set aside for reflecting and praying that it is the centre of our faith. It took the Church two Ecumenical Councils and a few hundred years to untangle what we know and believe about the mystery of the Holy Trinity. God is a communion of persons, Father Son and Spirit, every time we bless ourselves we remind ourselves of that fact. Three persons, one God! The feast of the Trinity is pure mystery. Whenever we try to describe mystery we resort to images, similes and words that break moulds and seek to open our imaginations and perceptions to newness and awe. Perhaps one of the most famous images of the Trinity is the work of Andrei Rublev’s Trinity icon.  It was written around 1410.  There are three figures sitting at a table facing out towards the one who views them. The figures are of an indeterminate gender. It is about hospitality, openness, welcoming and drawing all into sharing at the table. Rublev gives each person of the Trinity different clothing. On the right, the Holy Spirit has a garment of the clear blue of the sky, wrapped over with a robe of a fragile green. So the Spirit of creation moves in sky and water, breathes in heaven and earth. The Son has the deepest colours; a thick heavy garment of the reddish-brown of earth and a cloak of the blue of heaven. In his person he unites heaven and earth, the two natures are present in him, and over his right shoulder there is a band of gold shot through the earthly garment, as his divinity suffuses and transfigures his earthly being. The Father seems to wear all the colours in a kind of fabric that changes with the light, that seems transparent, that cannot be described or confined in words. And this is how it should be. No one has seen the Father, but the vision of him fills the universe. 


Prayer to the Trinity: “God with us, we call you Father// God alongside us, we call you Jesus// God within us, we call you Holy Spirit / You are the Eternal Mystery that enables, enfolds and enlivens all things even us, even me. //Every Name falls short of your Goodness and Greatness. We can only see who you are in what is// We ask for such perfect seeing – as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be. Amen   (From: The Divine Dance by Richard Rohr (SPCK 2016))


Thank you for your generous collection last weekend. It came to £1470. Thanks also to our Ministers of the Eucharist, Readers and Ushers who help in the smooth running over of our religious services.


Feasts of the Week: Mon: St. Anthony of Padua who died in 1231 at the age of thirty six. Born in Portugal and became a Franciscan and preached against heresy in France and Italy.  Tues: St. Davnet – Virgin/Founder of church and one of the patrons of this diocese.


Father Gareth Thomas CP who is the Passionist Vocation Director for the North of Ireland will be with us on next Tuesday evening the 21 June 2022. He will celebrate Mass at the usual time on Tuesday at 7:00 pm. It will be special Mass asking the Lord to gift His Church with more vocations to the priesthood and religious life. Special emphasis will be placed on the calling to the Passionist way of life. Gareth will make himself available after the Mass to meet with all who may think they have an attraction to the Passionist community.


Our Shop: We have a range religious items, statues, pictures, medals, candles, rosary beads, etc.

Guild Mass Cards: Deceased, Mass Bouquets, Get Well, Wedding, Exam, Graduation, New Born, Special Occasion, etc.


Confessions & Duty: Sun & Mon – No Duty. Mass Mon (13th June) @ 7pm:Mon to Fri Mass @ 7pm – Charles.

Duty: Tues 2pm – 5pm  – Brian. Wed – Arthur. Thurs – Arthur.   Fri – Charles    Sat 5 – 6pm. Sat – Charles.   


Cancer Connect NI: Are having Vintage Coffee Morning on Saturday 18th June 10am -1pm in Franco’s Garden Room, Enniskillen.


Recently Deceased


Agnes Buchholz, Florencecourt

Sam Lynch, Knocks, Lisnaskea

Frank Rogers, Ballycastle, Co Antrim





Barney & Anna Mc Hugh, Drumna, Boho

Thomas, Kathleen & Anna Quinn, Sligo

The Mc Gurn Family, Ashwoods, Enniskillen

The Togher Family, Belmullet


John & Margaret Flanagan, Sligo Rd, Enniskillen  & their son Brendan & grandchildren Alan, Sarah & Stephen   & the Flanagan & Drumm Family


Dolly Moohan, Drumlyon, Enniskillen

Aiden Moohan, Drumlyon, Enniskillen

Patrick Anthony Mc Donagh, Enniskillen & Sligo

Eileen Slevin, Tempo

Annie Rose Lenehan, Athboy, Co Meath





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