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Weekly Bulletin 13th June 2021

Today is the Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time: This week we return to Ordinary Time. We move from the marvellous mysteries we have been celebrating together ritually over the past few weekends. We have had the feast of Pentecost, Trinity and last weekend the feast of The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ. We are back to wearing green vestments – (the sign of hope) – to try and allow God’s Word to come true in our daily lives. The Opening Prayer of the Mass today asks the help of God’s grace so that “in following your commands we may please you by our resolve and our deeds” In the first reading the prophet Ezekiel takes an image from nature and compares our lives to a small shoot that grows into a great tree.  We died and rose with Christ; the Spirit has come upon us and now we are called to bloom and welcome others to this new life in Christ. Jesus uses the example of the mustard seed in today’s Gospel.(Mark 4:26-34).  He is telling us that mighty things begin from small beginnings. The story is told of the little mustard seed that in itself is so insignificant and of no importance but when it is planted, it provides a home for the many birds that nest in it. One of the strangest seeds in the world is the Chinese bamboo tree. It is buried in the soil for five years before any seedling or sprout appears above the ground. Think of it! Five years! All during these five years the seed must be cultivated, that is watered and fertilised regularly. Now comes the big surprise. When the bamboo seedling emerges from the ground, it grows to a height of nine feet in just six weeks. Why does the seedling take so long to come out of the ground? Plant experts say that during its first five years in the soil the bamboo seed is busy building an elaborate root system. It is this root system that enables it to grow nine feet in six weeks. Does my faith have such roots? We are called today to let the faith that gives our life meaning truly be rooted in our hearts. What we celebrate here Sunday after Sunday must be translated into action in our ordinary lives. For that to happen the faith must not merely be some dusty heritage passed on from our foremothers and forefathers but a living power that moves us today. A little prose piece, for reflection, written by Karen I. Shragg called “Think like a Tree” .….Soak up the sun/Affirm life’s magic/Be grateful in the wind/Stand tall after the storm/Feel refreshed after it rains/Grow strong without notice/Be prepared for each season/Provide shelter to strangers/Hang tough through the cold spells/Emerge renewed at the first signs of spring/Stay deeply rooted while reaching for the sky/Be still long enough to hear your own leaves rustling”


Feasts of the Week: Monday: St. Davnet  virgin and founder of monastery lived and died at Tydavnet in Co. Monaghan. Tuesday: St. Vitus martyred under the Emperor Diocletian in 303 AD. Patron Saint of entertainers and dancers. Wednesday: St Aurelian – Bishop of Gaul in 546 AD.  Saturday: St. Romuald abbot. He was founder of the Camaldolese Order and died in 1027 AD


Thank you for your generosity. The collection last week was a wonderful indication of your kindness and support of us here in the Graan. Be assured of a constant remembrance in our prayers. A word of thanks also to our Ushers and Ministers of the Eucharist who help in the smooth running of our religious services. Thank you for wearing your masks, keeping social distancing and for sanitising your hands. We do this to keep each other safe.


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Recently Deceased 


Leon Maes, Belgium

Corina Leavey, Derrylin

Joe D’Darcy, Adelaide formerly Donegal Town 

Joan Lunny, Old Rossorry Rd, Enniskillen




Barney & Anna Mc Hugh, Drumma, Boho

Thomas Quinn, Anna & Kathleen Quinn, Sligo

Margaret, Michael & Vesty Healy, Frenchpark,

                                                          Co Roscommon

Hugh Sheridan & parents Hugh & Peggy Sheridan, Glangevlin

Rose & Vincie Mc Govern, Glangevlin

Bernard & Colette Mc Grath & Sean Mc Govern, Old Rossorry Crescent, Enniskillen

Nuala Frances Maguire, Boho (Month’s Mind)

Mollie Mc Carney, Tempo

Peter Keown, Garrison

Dolly Moohan, Drumlyon

Aiden Moohan, Drumlyon

James & Sarah Woods, Moneymore, Co Derry

Cheryl Breen, Enniskillen

Annie & Francis Keown, Cornahilta, Belleek

James & Peggy Keown, Roscor, Belleek

Eileen Slevin, Tempo


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