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Weekly Bulletin 13th November 2022

Today is the Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time: Today the 6th “World Day of the Poor” is celebrated.  This day was established by Pope Francis on 20 November 2016 to celebrate the end of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy. The first “World Day of the Poor” was celebrated in November 2017. This is the day when Catholics throughout the world are called to greater solidarity with the poor near and far. This year’s theme for the day of the poor is “For your sakes Christ became poor” It summons all of us to give a strong commitment to the poor as men and women who are part of our one human family. On the 19 October a meeting held in Monaghan of some of the clergy from the diocese of Clogher addressed the theme of “Poverty in Ireland and the Cost of Living Crisis” The main speaker was Keith Adams, who is the Social Policy Advocate at the Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice, based in Gardiner Street in Dublin. He spoke about the depth of poverty in many homes in Ireland today. The importance of how we use language around the theme of poverty was stressed, and calling it a “cost-of-living crisis” is the language of the media and government. We must use morally clear language when we speak on this issue. Quoting from Pope Francis he clearly stated. “For the Church, a preference for the poor is not an optional….” In his apostolic exhortation called the “Joy of the Gospel” Pope Francis said: “This option for the poor is implicit in our Christian faith in a God who became poor for us so as to enrich us with his poverty. This is why I want a Church which is poor and for the poor. They have much to teach us. Not only do they share in the “sensus fidei” but in their difficulties they know the suffering Christ. We need to let ourselves be evangelised by them (No 198). The last words in the Gospel today (Luke 21:5-19) states “Your endurance will win you your lives”. Many folk, even our neighbours that live on our streets are struggling and enduring great financial hardships. We may not know it. However it is important not to saddle people with their condition. Many factors cause poverty. On this “World Day of the Poor” we remember them, but we are also called to help in so far as we can. Pope Francis in his message for this day states: “Where the poor are concerned, it is not talk that matters; what matters is rolling up our sleeves and putting our faith into practice through a direct involvement, one that cannot be delegated”. At the end of his message for this day Pope Francis quotes one of the saints that was recently canonised on May 15 last year. St. Charles de Foucauld who lived with the poor said: “Let us not despise the poor, the little ones, the workers; not only are they our brothers and sisters in God, they are also those who most perfectly imitate Jesus in his outward life. They perfectly represent Jesus, the Worker of Nazareth. They are the firstborn among the elect, the first to be called to the Saviour’s crib. They were the regular company of Jesus, from his birth until his death… Let us honour them; let us honour in them the images of Jesus and his holy parents… Let us take for ourselves [the condition] that he took for himself… Let us never cease to be poor in everything, brothers and sisters to the poor, companions to the poor; may we be the poorest of the poor like Jesus, and like him love the poor and surround ourselves with them” ( Commentary on the Gospel of Luke, Meditation 263)

Feasts of the Week: Feasts of the Week: Thursday: St. Elizabeth of Hungary (1207-1231), a queen at fourteen, widowed & exiled at twenty, Franciscan tertiary until her death at twenty-four. A woman of prayer and service of the poor. Friday: Blessed Grimoaldo of the Purification CP. Italian Passionist clerical student (1883-1902) Died of acute meningitis. Beatified by Pope (St.) John Paul 11 in 1995. 

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