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Weekly Bulletin – 15th October 2023

Today is the Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time: Jesus in the Gospel today tells a story about a King issuing invitations to his son’s wedding (Matthew 22:1-14) Invitations went out, and, in the custom of the time, they were sent by messenger. The key phrase in the response is “they made light of it.”(Matthew 22:5) The invitees laughed off the invitation, or, worse, seized and humiliated and even killed the messengers. The height of rudeness, and certainly a revolutionary and criminal action. So they got what they essentially asked for according to the Law of Talion. The banquet hall was essentially empty, so he sent new messengers out to gather “as many as they could find.” (Matthew 22:10) The hall was filled, but one fellow had no wedding garment, so he was thrown out. It seems so unreasonable for a poor person picked from the street to be thrown out “into the dark” (Matthew 22:14) because he had no wedding robe. What does it mean? Those invited to the banquet include “bad” as well as the “good”. The community of the kingdom of God is a mixed  bag – a situation that will persist until the judgement. The man without the wedding garment represents all those who accepted the invitation but did not, within that calling, undergo the conversion of life required for entrance into the final kingdom. At the judgement – imaged by the king’s coming so see the guests (Matthew 22:11) – they will be found lacking the “wedding garment” of good works and suffer the exclusion from the banqueting hall. It is a call to all of us not to be complacent about our inheritance of the kingdom of God. Look up other sections of the New Testament where putting on the new garment of faith is underlined (See: Galatians 3:27; Colossians 3:12; Revelations 3:12 & 19:8) The last sentence of today’s Gospel is stark. 

“For many are called, but few are chosen” (Matthew 22:14) “Many” (=all) are called to the “banquet of the kingdom” but “few” (=not all) are “chosen” (=destined to enter). It is possible to be Christian in name and at the same time fail to be converted. It is possible to believe oneself invited to the banquet of the kingdom and yet remain indifferent to the empty plates in front of so many children in the world. What counts is living as one baptised not the baptismal certificate. 

Feasts of the Week: Tuesday: St. Ignatius of Antioch died a martyr in 107. He wrote letters to the Christian communities urging them to unity through the Eucharist and the local bishop. Wednesday: St. Luke – Evangelist. A physician wrote his Gospel and travelled with St. Paul on his second missionary journey. Thursday: St. Paul of the Cross (1694 -1775) founded the Passionists in Rome in 1721. He said: “The Passion is the greatest work of God’s love”

Thank you for the generous collection last weekend. It came to £2045. Thanks also to our Singers, Readers and Ministers of the Eucharist who help in the weekend liturgies.

Mission Sunday: Next Sunday 22nd is Mission Sunday. This is a moment of universal solidarity when each member of the Church family, play their part in supporting our brothers and sisters who are working overseas in spreading the Gospel. The total collection next Sunday will be taken up here in the Graan will be for this cause. I know we can rely on your wonderful generosity.

Tickets for our Graan Draw are available in the Church porches. Thanks to all who are helping in selling these tickets. Thanks to Supervalu’s in Newtownbutler & Fintona and to all who bought and sold tickets for us.

Ticket Selling outlets in October: The Mart Enniskillen – 19th October. Fitzpatrick’s Clones – 21st. Mc Keagney’s Tempo – 27th & 28th October.  If you are able to help us please leave your name and mobile number at our reception.

The Shop has restocked for Christmas. There are a great selection of cribs on display as well as candles, diaries, Calendars, cards and suitable gifts for Christmas and new Christmas Mass Bouquets.  Cost £2 / €2.50.

November Dead List are available in the church porches The enrolled names will be left on the Altar during November and remembered at every Mass offered during the month of November.                                                                                                 

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