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Weekly Bulletin 18th February 2024

Today is the First Sunday of Lent: Last Wednesday many of us had ashes smeared on our foreheads. This outward sign, a cross-mark on the forehead, is a symbol of our willingness to make an inward change in our lives. I know many people who are not known for their Church-going wish to attend this ancient ceremony of receiving ashes on their foreheads.  The use of ashes speaks into something deep within us,  – it is archetypal. It speaks into the reality of who we are: –  human, vulnerable, fragile and finite.  Lent is that sacred time, where we become aware that we are constantly called to conversion and to renewal of life. It is also a moment when we promised to enter more deeply into our journey as a disciple of Jesus. Today we listen to the Gospel of Mark where Jesus is being tempted in the wilderness.(Mark 1:12-15).  Just before Jesus goes into the desert to be tempted by Satan He is baptised in the River Jordan by John the Baptist.  A voice comes from heaven and states: “You are my Son, the Beloved; my favour rests on you (Mark 1:11) What does it mean to be a Son of God? The devil has some suggestions for Jesus. His identity as God’s Son is put to the test in the wilderness. The wilderness has always been a symbol for the encounter between the naked self and God. This is because the desert or the wilderness is so bald, so barren, so vast, so primeval, so unforgiving, so basic, so hand-to-mouth that because one must concentrate on simply surviving, all distractions are filtered out, and one is left alone with oneself. Going into the desert, the desert journey, has become a metaphor for leaving all behind and, in our utter exposure and honesty, confronting who and what we are and what really matters. Being laid low with illness is referred to often as a desert or wilderness experience. Lent is that collective desert experience for all of us. Our awareness of our identity as followers of Jesus Christ can get lost in the hurly burly of life. As a society we suffer from a kind of psychic and emotional jet-lag: we never quite catch up with ourselves.  We live in the society of the sound–bite, reactions to events rather that sound reflection, – has our face book, snapchat, face time, messenger generation given us time to think in this age of emoting and sensationalism? Many young people are drawn to measure self-esteem in likes, social media re-sharing, followers, and other virtual entrancing reactions/distractions of the online world. Lent is a time when we have the opportunity to re-discover our true identity. Our true identity is not found in things or possessions but in the truth and reality of our lives as a baptised child of God. We read in the Preface of today’s Mass:“By abstaining forty long days from earthly food, He consecrated through his fast the pattern of our Lenten observance and, by overturning all the snares of the ancient serpent taught us to cast out the leaven of malice so that, celebrating worthily the Paschal Mystery, we might pass over at last to the eternal paschal feast”

Thank you for the collection last week. It came to £2310.  A word of thanks also to our Readers, Ushers and Ministers of the Eucharist and all who help in our weekend liturgies.

Confessions: Sun & Mon no duty. Mass Mon (19th Feb)  @ 7pm – Brian.  Duty: Tues to Fri 2pm – 5pm. Sat 5pm – 6pm.

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Shop: Open Mon Sat  9.30am  – 7pm. Sun 9.30pm – 4pm. 

Novena of Hope: Sat 6:30 pm Vigil Mass 2nd March and ending on Monday 11th March 2024.  Please keep this event in your prayers that it will be a time of grace and healing for the people who will attend. The Novena posters and petitions leaflets are available for distribution at the reception and our church porches.

Children:  In preparation for the Novena of Hope we invite children through schools, and individually to submit posters. You always do such a superb job.

Car Park: If anyone would like to volunteer to help in the car park leave your name & details @ reception. 

Guild Mass Cards: We have a selection of cards for Deceased, Novena of Hope, Mass Bouquets, etc. Cost £2 / €2.50. 

World Day of Prayer takes place on Friday 1st March in Rossorry Parish Church@ 7.30pm.All are welcome to attend.

Fr Brian’s, ‘The Best of Brian’ is available at our shop here at The Graan. Cost: £17 or €18.

Recently Deceased

Mary Cosgrove, Belcoo

Owen Jones, Boho

Ellen Rasdale, Letterbreen

Charlie Mc Cormack, Portrush formerly Lisnaskea

Don Jones, College Gardens, Enniskillen

Rose Comiskey, Dublin

Joseph Mc Glone, Dromore

Ellie Mc Carney,  Enniskillen

Madeline Noble, Tempo

Frank Larkin, Meadow Lane, Enniskillen


Ria Mc Caffrey, Riverside, Enniskillen

Jack Thompson, Monea

Francie & Annabelle & Livinus Murphy, Fivemiletown

Tony Woods, Enniskillen formerly Ballyconnell

The Woods Family, Ballyconnell

Patrick, Sue & Paul Mc Teggart, Monea

Ita & Desmond Dolan, Old Rossorry Crescent, Enniskillen

Tommy Moohan, Drumlyon, Enniskillen

The Keenan Family, Forthill, Enniskillen

Evelyn & Jim O’Neill, Bangor

Mary & Patrick Keown, Roscor, Belleek

Anna Brennan, Enniskillen

Sean, Maureen & Eoin Lunny, Willoughby Place. Enniskillen

John & Christina Gollogly, Keady, Co Armagh

Peggy Nevin, Lisgoole Park, Enniskillen

Patricia Murphy, Derrygonnelly

James Kelly & the Kelly Family, Farnaconnell, Boho

Jim Duffy, Rossorry Church Road, Enniskillen

Charlie Duffy, Lurgandarragh, Enniskillen


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