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Weekly Bulletin 18th October 2020


Today is World Mission Sunday. The Opening Prayer of the Mass today which is taken from the Mass for the Evangelisation of Peoples states “O God you have willed that your Church be the sacrament of salvation for all nations…”  The Church exists by mission, just as a fire exists by burning. Today’s Gospel (John 17:17-23) Jesus prays for his disciples and for us – “I pray not only for these but for those also who through their words will come to believe in me” (John 17:20). Jesus prays that we will all have that intimacy and communion with God that was central in His life.  We also hear Paul’s first letter to the people of Thessalonica. This letter is among the earliest of all Christian writings and the two letters that Paul wrote to these new Christians give us an invaluable insight into the young and joyful faith of an emerging Christian congregation. Thessalonica which is modern day Salonika in Greece was part of Macedonia, the land of Alexander the Great who conquered the known world in his time. This town was the main link between Rome and the East, and the coming of Christianity to Thessalonica was crucial in making it a world religion. We are told of Paul’s visit to that town in Acts 17:1-10. We know that he preached in their synagogue on three weekends and was hustled out of the town by some who disagreed with his teaching about Jesus. However Paul, who now was in Corinth, was worried about his new converts and sent his fellow worker Timothy back to them to see how they were getting on. Paul was delighted with the news that their faith in Jesus not only survived but was flourishing in his absence. In the first reading from Isaiah 45:4-6 we hear how God uses Cyrus, King of Persia (559-530 BC) who conquered Babylon to allow his people to go back home from exile to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple. God’s power is at work even in the unbeliever. Today the task of spreading the Good News about Jesus is still the Church’s calling. Collections are taking place today in every single parish across Europe to help support this work. The needs of the Church in mission dioceses, of which there are over 1,100 continues to grow. These dioceses are often in remote areas devastated by war and natural disasters. Our offerings help their men, women and children survive and ultimately flourish through the action and work of missionaries. This is our moment of universal solidarity, when each member of our Church family, regardless of location or background can play their part in supporting each other. This collection is a lifeline, not only to missionaries, but also the future of the Church. We are not taking any collection today for the Graan but all of our collections taken up today will go directly to World Missions Ireland. Despite living in these stringent financial times we know that you will be generous! 

You can also make a donation through your local bank. (Sterling Bank Details) Name: Pontifical Missions Societies. Bank: AIB, Tara Street, Dublin Sort Code: 93-00-67. Acount Number: 63003998.

IBNA: IE63 AIBK 9300 6763 0039 98. BIC: AIBKIE2D


Face Masks: There is a new stipulation that demands that we wear face coverings (masks) in Church. Thank you for following this regulation. 


Feasts of the Week:  Monday: St. Paul of the Cross (1694-1775) Founder of our Congregation of the Passionists. (There will be a blessing with St Paul of the Cross relic after 7pm on Monday (19th).  This year we Passionists celebrate the Tri-Centenary of the founding of the Passionists. A Holy Year within the Passionist’s Communities will take place from 21 November 2020 Feast of the Presentation of Our Lady and end on the 1 January 2022. More details about these events will be published later. 

Thursday: St. John Paul 11 was our pope for twenty six years until his death on the 2 April 2005. When he was Pope he visited one hundred and four countries


Thanks you for your generosity towards us in these difficult times. Thanks also to our ushers and ministers of the Eucharist and all who help to sanitise the Church seats after each Mass. Thanks also to the small group of people who helped clean the Church on Wednesday night, you know who you are and thanks for your excellent work. Your example and commitment is a blessing to all of us. Be assured of the prayers of this community.


The November Dead List: Are available in the porches and reception. The enrolled names will be left on the Altar during November and remembered at Mass during November.


Graan Draw: Our tickets are available in the Church porches. The first prize is £5000  and the second prize is £1000 prize followed by prizes for £100. Because of Covid 19 regulations we will not be able to sell our tickets at our usual outlets. As a result we would appreciate if you could help to sell these tickets for us among your families and friends. The draw for the prizes will take place on the 8th December.  The Graan Dinner Dance has had to be cancelled this year. 


DUTY FOR THE WEEKSun & Mon No Duty. Monday (19th)  evening Mass @ 7pm  –  Charles.  Tues (20th Oct) – Charles   Wed 21st – Arthur. Thurs 22nd Oct – Charles. Fri 23rd Oct – Arthur.   

Sat 24th Oct – Charles.


The Shop has restocked for Christmas. There is a great selection of cribs on display as well as candles, diaries, cards and suitable gifts for Christmas.     Christmas Mass Bouquets: We have a new selection of Christmas Mass Bouquets  which cost £2 / €2.50.  Enrolling your family and friends on our daily Mass Guild makes a special Christmas gift.


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Recently Deceased


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