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Weekly Bulletin 1st November 2020


Today is the Feast of All Saints: We enter the leaf-strewn paths of November on a day of victory recalled and of hope made new.  The feast of all our saints brings a special radiance to dispel the winter gloom. We take time to remember the women and men who made the landscape of our lives more beautiful by the fidelity of their lives. Their example shine as a beacon to guide us safely even in these our darkest days.  We have our cherished favourites among the women and men who brought holiness into the daily round.  They made the world a better place for all of us. Like us, they knew the daily struggle between the high ideals and inherent weakness, between Gospel challenge and the siren call of selfishness and sin.  They realised indeed that the spirit could be willing but the flesh could be forever weak. Their memory inspires us still.  Their prayers reach out to help and to heal.  They summon us to turn aside from folly and from falsehood. They are the ordinary men and women that we have known who showed by their words and deeds the true face of God. In the first reading at Mass (Apocalypse 7:2-4, 9-14) you witness the grand and panoramic sweep of John’s vision of the after-world.   He speaks of countless holy ones – he says there will be 144,000.  Well, of course the biblical number for perfection is 12 and he says, “Boy, this is twelve times twelve – perfection times perfection. You can’t count the number of people that are among the holy ones of God” Just as we are catching our breath from reading this powerful vision of heaven we are told in the second reading (1 John 3:1-3) that we do not have to wait till death before we are declared saints, even now…we are …”called God’s children and that is what we are!” The saints are not merely those wonderful people that we trip off in our litanies…this is the feast of God’s love. It is God who has done great things in them. These are the people who did not merely read the list of Beatitudes (Matthew 5:1-12) but lived them!  The saints are a communion, a chorus that sings the song of faith with us when we believe and they hum the song of faith for us when we cannot.   The collective faith of the saints sustains us through our moments of disbelief and doubt. Who are the saints who have sustained you in your life?  Your late parents, who struggled to give some sense of meaning to your life? That good old teacher who spent time with you when everyone else had given up on you?  That priest who was kind in the confessional when your whole life was in a mess? Many more? All those good gentle and not so gentle people have gone to their reward, and we believe that they still pray for us who are still on our way of pilgrimage. We rejoice today with the women and men who walked before us in faith, in fidelity and in love.  The guiding star of the Resurrection hope shines for us as for them and leads us all safely home.    

               “May all the splendid company

              Whom Christ in glory came to meet

             Help on our once- travelled path 

            Made clearer by their pilgrim feet.”


All Souls: Monday 2nd November Masses are at 12noon and 7pm.


November Dead List: During the month of November a Mass will be celebrated each day for those names who are on the November Dead List.  


First Friday: Next Friday is the First Friday of the month. Mass is at 7pm. 


Feasts of the Week: Monday: All Souls Day. Tuesday: St. Malachy (1094 -1148). Patron of the diocese of Armagh, a good friend of St. Bernard, he brought the Cistercians to Ireland.  Wednesday: St. Charles Borromeo (1538-1584). Reforming bishop who promulgated the Catechism and the formation of priests. Thursday: St. Martin de Porres (1579-1639) – from Peru – Dominican brother. He is patron saint of mixed race people, barbers, innkeepers, and public health workers. Friday: All the Saints of Ireland


Graan Draw: We are still looking for help to sell our tickets for first prize of £5000 and the second prize is £1000 followed by prizes of £100. This is the only fund raising activity that we engage in every year. However because of Covid 19 regulations we are unable to sell our tickets around our usual outlets. We would be grateful if you could help us by selling some of these tickets for us. The Graan Dinner Dance is cancelled this year, however the draw for these cash prizes will take place on the 8 December 2020


Thank you: We cannot thank all those people enough who are helping us during these days of pandemic. Your support for the Graan is admirable and we appreciate not only your financial contributions but your good prayers. Please believe that we remember you every day in our community prayers. Thanks to our ushers, collectors, ministers of the Eucharist and those special people who quietly and without fuss, sanitise the seats of our Church after each celebration of Mass. Thank you for following the usher’s directions and for wearing face masks on entering and leaving the church. We need to look after one another.


DUTY FOR THE WEEK: Sun & Mon No Duty. Monday (All Souls) 2nd Nov Mass @ 12noon – Arthur & 7pm  – Charles. 

Tues (3rd Nov) –  Charles. Wed 4th Nov  – Arthur. Thurs 5th Nov  Charles. Fri 6th Nov – Arthur.   Sat 7th Nov – Charles.


The Shop has restocked for Christmas. There is a great selection of cribs on display as well as candles, diaries, cards and suitable gifts for Christmas. Christmas Mass Bouquets: We have a new selection of Christmas Mass Bouquets  which cost £2 / €2.50. 


Guild Mass Cards: We have a wide selection of Mass cards. Go to We value your support.

Recently Deceased


Philomena Mc Elhone, Cookstown

Ken Maguire, Derrygonnelly

Joe Murphy, Brookeborough

Cyril O’Hare, Enniskillen



Johnny & Joan Maguire, Derrygore & Old Rossorry, Enniskillen

John & Maureen Muldoon & their son Kieran, Windmill Heights,

& Dympna Galloley, Windmill Hgts, Enniskillen


Terence Mullin, Omagh

Paul Conlin, Sligo

Thomas James Gormley, Roscor, Belleek

Margaret Keown, Roscor PO, Belleek

Francis John Mc Guinness, Carrickbeg, Boho

Annie & William Miley, Tom Miley & Denis O’ Gorman, Co Wicklow

John & Kathleen Mc Cahery, Mulrod, Tamlaght

John & Alice Mulhern & the Mulhern & Maguire Families Kiltyclogher

Leo Gray, London & Belcoo



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