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Weekly Bulletin 26th September 2021

Today is the Twenty Six Sunday of the Year. One of the themes that run between the first reading and the Gospel today is the theme of “tolerance.” It is the gift of open-mindedness and forbearance. Joshua is intolerant of the fact that two men who are not in the tent are prophesying, “My Lord Moses stop them” (Numbers 11:29). Moses replies that he wishes that all the people received the Spirit of God. That reality has happened for us through the death and resurrection of Christ, and we all receive the Spirit in our Baptism and Confirmation! John in today’s Gospel complains to Jesus about a man “casting out devils in your name, and because he was not one of us we tried to stop him” (Mark 9:38). It is interesting to note that a few lines before this story a poor father asks for his son to be healed and the disciples were not able to do it. (Mark 9:18).  Was John’s intolerance motivated by jealousy?  He did not receive approval for this action from Jesus but a mild rebuke. Jesus does not mind his name being used for another for good purpose. Last Sunday the Gospel spoke about the disciples wanting to be the greatest (Mark 9:34). This Sunday the disciple’s temptation is not only to be first but to be the one and only people who can minister in the name of Jesus. There is an old song called “All God’s children have a place in the choir”. The ministry of Jesus is not confined to one inner circle. Our difficulty can be that we categorise people and put them in our mind’s eyes into little boxes of our own making. We have people who are “in” our circle and people who are “out “of our circle. We can derive a sense of self-worth and a way of exerting power over others by belonging to a group that in their own eyes seem to be better than others. Today is also the World Day of Prayer for Migrants and Refugees. The theme this year is entitled Towards and ever wider we”  Pope Francis in his message for this day states: “I also make this appeal to journey together towards an ever wider “we” to all men and women, for the sake of renewing the human family, building together a future of justice and peace, and ensuring that no one is left behind.”  (Message of Pope Francis for the 107th world day of Migrants and Refugees 2021)  We gather here in the Church at the Graan as a community, but we are not a club. A club is a group of like-minded people who see themselves or their interests as distinctive from others. We are a community whose deepest desires are pursued by every human being of good will. We desire to accept Jesus’ inclusive vision that all who are not against us are for us, but know that often we too fall short of this calling. So now let us reflect on how we live as disciples and recognise our need of forgiveness and healing. Pope Francis prays: “We ask you to grant the followers of Jesus, and all people of good will, the grace to do your will on earth. Bless each act of welcome and outreach that draws those in exile into the “we” of community and of the Church, so that our earth may truly become what you yourself created it to be: the common home of all our brothers and sisters. Amen.


Feasts of the Week: Monday: St. Vincent de Paul (1580-1660) Founded the Congregation of the Mission and the Daughters of Charity (1633). Wednesday: St. Michael, Gabriel and Raphael – Archangels. Thursday: St. Jerome (340-420) Translated the Bible into Latin. Friday: St. Thérése of the Child Jesus (Little Flower). Saturday: Guardian Angels: We constantly seek their protection. Friday (1st October) is the First Friday of the month.


Thanks to our Ministers of the Eucharist and our Ushers for keeping our religious services running so smoothly. Thanks also for obeying their instructions in their efforts to keep us safe during this time of pandemic. A word of appreciation also for the generous collection last week which came to £1750.


Graan Draw: Because of the restrictions around the pandemic our fundraising activity will be curtailed this year again and with this in mind we are going with the same prize draw as last year. 1st Prize – £5000,  2nd prize – £1000 & a further 5 prizes of £100. We also regret our annual Dinner Dance will be cancelled for a second year.    However, the tickets for the draw are in our church porches. If you usually receive the tickets in the post we hope to have them with you before the end of the week.


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Recently Deceased 


John Devine, Claudy, Co Derry

Gabriel (Gaby) Maguire, Glenwood Gardens, Enniskillen

Attracta Mc Grath, Old Rossorry Crescent, Enniskillen

Sarah (Mary) Meehan, Forthill Rd, Enniskillen





Elizabeth, Joseph, Patrick & Sarah Mc Gilley, Enniskillen

Irene Murphy, Bellanaleck

John & Frances Smyth, Bellanaleck

Owen & Ellen Kelly, Cavanacross, Garvary, Enniskillen

Joe Carty, Knockaraven, Garrison

Malachy & Tessie Mc Cauley, Monea

Diane Beggan, Roslea (Month’s Mind)

Ignatius & Niall O’Neill & the O’Neill family, Lisnaskea

The Casey Family, Garrison

Peter & James Mc Gurn & the Mc Gurn & the Murray family, Cornakill, Teemore

John Mc Loughlin, Samsonagh, Boho

Chrissie Leybourne, Roscor & Essex

Theresa Hopkinson, Warrington

Patrick & Mary Reilly, Drumgallon, Enniskillen

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