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Weekly Bulletin 27th June 2021

Today is the Thirteenth Sunday of the Year: We read in the Gospel today, (Mark 5:21-43) about two women.  One who suffered for twelve years with a painful, embarrassing illness, and was given a new lease of life by Jesus, and another who was only twelve years old and was given back life itself. The God we believe in is a God of life. Today in the first reading we are told that God did not create death. The Eucharist that we celebrate Sunday after Sunday is a celebration of life – because Jesus is the Bread of Life. When Jesus continues on his journey to bring healing to the little girl he has a meeting with the messengers of no hope. “Your daughter is dead, why put the Master to further trouble?” (Mark 5:35). There are a lot of messengers of no hope around today.  We hear them cry” “What is the point of life?” We need to contrast the despair of the mourners with the hope of Jesus.  We need to contrast the unrestrained distress of these same mourners with the calm serenity of Jesus. Jesus can do nothing in the face of death and no hope. And neither can we. That is why we need a faith community to support us.  Jesus brought into the sick room of the little twelve year old girl her mother and father and his companions, so that in an atmosphere of faith, trust and love the impossible can be done.  In the presence of Jesus death is not the last and permanent word that can be spoken. With Jesus, death is as impermanent as sleep. Jesus fulfils what we read in the first reading today: “Death was not God’s doing, he takes no pleasure in the extinction of the living” (Wisdom 1:13). The words of the hymn “Abide with Me” comes to our mind: “When other helpers fail and comfort flees, Help of the Helpless abide with me” The first woman that Jesus meets in today’s Gospel story who furtively touches Jesus in the hope of being cured, has a naive almost a superstitious faith. Jesus does not despise her; rather He helps her to approach him in a personal way and so transform her gesture into an action which saves and gives peace This secret suffering woman was called by Jesus to announce what had happened. “Who touched me?”   (Mark 5:30) Jesus is not a mobile relic, that works magically on us.  He demands a response of faith.  She comes forward and he brings her assurance of salvation and peace of mind and heart. “ My daughter your faith has restored you to health; go in peace and be free of your complaint” (Mark 5:34) We give thanks to the God of the living. He did not make us for death, but for life. His Son causes us to rise and gives us Himself, the bread of life to eat.


Feasts of the Week: Monday: St. Irenaeus (130-202). Bishop of Lyons. He knew St. Polycarp who knew St. John the apostle.  He declared that the “glory of God is humanity fully alive” Tuesday: St. Peter and St. Paul – the twin founders of the Church in Rome. St. Peter died by crucifixion and St. Paul was beheaded between 64 and 67 AD. Thursday In the Passionist calendar today is the Feast of the Most Precious Blood. In Ireland it is the feast of St. Oliver Plunkett. The last Catholic to die for the faith in Tyburn London on this date in 1681. Saturday: St. Thomas the Apostle – declared his great act of faith in the Risen Jesus with the words “My Lord and My God”


Thank you for your generous contributions at last week’s Sunday collection. We appreciate your generosity – you are being remembered every day in the prayers of our community. A word of appreciation also to our ushers and Ministers of the Eucharist who help in the smooth running of our Sunday Eucharist. It would be impossible to continue without your help. Thank you for following the instructions concerning Covid regulations. This deadly virus is still with us and we wear our mask in the Church, keep our distance and sanitise our hands – not for ourselves alone – but for the safety and well-being of others. 


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Lourdes2Clogher Virtual Pilgrimage: We will again hold a ‘virtual pilgrimage’ from Monday July 5th until Sunday 11th. Bringing the spirit of Lourdes to homes, churches and parishes across the diocese. Check out the website and

Lough Derg 2021:  Lough Derg will again offer the opportunity to “Do Lough Derg from wherever you are” on next weekend, 3rd – 5th July.  The outdoor Pilgrimage on the Lough Shore Pilgrim Path will also be available as the summer goes on.  Further information from Lough Derg office 0(0353) 71 9861518 or


Recently Deceased 


Michael Kelly, Draperstown, Derry

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Angela Acheson, Camagh Lodge, Blaney (Month’s Mind)


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