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Weekly Bulletin 2nd October 2022

Today is the Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time: All we have and are is God’s gift to us. Today we are told that we are servants. I remember saying to a good man one day, “God has been very good to you!”  And he replied, Yes, but I have not been bad to Him! We can never put God in our debt.  There can be a certain tendency in all of us to view our relationship with God as a kind of “gave and take”. The last line of today’s Gospel (Luke 17:5-10) states “…when you have done all you have been told to do, say. “We are merely servants: we have done no more than our duty” (Luke 17:10) No person should feel that they have earned thanks for doing what in any event they could have been compelled to do.  The law does not lay down a reward for a parent who feeds and clothes and educates their child.  But it does lay down a penalty for those who do not do these things.  However, God’s relationship with us is a relationship of love.  It is impossible to pay for the gifts of love.  It may be possible to satisfy the claims of law, but every lover knows that nothing can ever satisfy the claims of love. We can end up with a mercenary attitude towards God, some might think… I have done the hard pilgrimage in Lough Derg for you God, I have prayed and fasted all my life, for you God…. now reward me and do this for me!”  Some people think that they are doing God a favour when they keep his laws and worship Him. What we need is faith and trust. Here is a wonderful little tale told about St. Peter “One day Jesus said to his disciples: “I’d like you to carry a stone for me.” He didn’t give any explanation. So the disciples looked around for a stone to carry, and Peter, being the practical sort, sought out the smallest stone he could possibly find. After all, Jesus didn’t give any regulation for weight and size! So he put it in his pocket. Jesus then said: “Follow Me.” He led them on a journey. About noontime Jesus had everyone sit down. He waved his hands and all the stones turned to bread. He said, “Now it’s time for lunch.” In a few seconds, Peter’s lunch was over. When lunch was done Jesus told them to stand up. He said again, “I’d like you to carry a stone for me.” This time Peter said, “Aha! Now I get it!” So he looked around and saw a small boulder. He hoisted it on his back and it was painful, it made him stagger. But he said, “I can’t wait for supper.” Jesus then said: “Follow Me.” He led them on a journey, with Peter barely being able to keep up. Around supper time Jesus led them to the side of a river. He said, “Now everyone, throw your stones into the water.” They did. Then he said, “Follow Me,” and began to walk. Peter and the others looked at him dumbfounded. Jesus sighed and said, “Don’t you remember what I asked you to do? Who were you carrying the stone for?” If the motive behind our good deeds – even behind our prayers – is the praise of man, to receive their honour, then Jesus declares that that is the only reward we will get. Therefore, consider the motives behind the things that you do. As we accept that the only righteousness we have is found in Jesus and not in what we have done or haven’t done or in the purity of our motives, we begin to stop trying to earn our self-worth from our performance. As we come to a deeper grasp of His great love for us, that gave everything so that we might have new life, we desire more and more to carry any stone for Him, for His glory, because we love Him so much.


Feasts of the Week: Tues: St. Francis of Assisi (1181-1226) abandoned all things for the love of Christ. Patron saint of ecologists. Wed: St. Faustina (1905-1938). Polish Sister of Our Lady of Mercy.  Inspiration behind the movement of proclaiming devotion to the Divine Mercy. Thur: Blessed Isidore de Loor, (1881- 1916). Passionist brother from Belgium. A man who had his right eye removed in 1911 and died of cancer aged 35. He lived religious life for only nine years joyfully and faithful to the will of God. Fri: Our Lady of the Rosary


Day for Life: Today is a day dedicated to Life. The focus of the Day for Life this year is on older persons. Pope Francis said: We invite people to think again about the value and worth of older persons in families, in society, and to make practical choices to build bridges between the generations. We call for people and parishes to devote quality time, energy and creativity in caring for the older persons in our communities”.



Thanks for the collection last week. It came to £2050.  We appreciate your generosity and kindness as always. A word of appreciation to our Readers, Singers and Ministers of the Eucharist for their help during our weekend liturgies.



Graan Draw: Tickets are available at all the doors of our Church for our annual draw. The draw will take place on the 2 December 2022 and can be viewed on our webcam. It is the only fund-raising activity that we have and we would appreciate your support by buying or selling tickets for us. Thanks to Una and staff at Lilleys Centra and to all who bought and sold tickets for us.



Ticket Selling outlets: The Diamond Enniskillen – 7th & 8th October. The Mart Enniskillen – 20th October. Mc Keagney’s Tempo – 28th & 29th October. Belleek – 4th November. Martin Rooney’s – 18th & 19th November. Dunnes Store – 24th & 25th November.



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Church Cleaning Group: October’s cleaning group will meet on Wednesday next @ 7.30pm. 



Aisling Centre Mindfulness Mediation, 8-week prog.  Mindfulness can be particularly beneficial to anyone living with anxiety, depression, pain or illness. Programme starts 17th October.  Information night Monday 3rd October.  Call – Aisling Centre 028 66 325811. 



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