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Weekly Bulletin 30th October 2022

Today is the Thirty-First Sunday of the Year. We hear the story of Zacchaeus the small man who had to climb a sycamore tree to see Jesus as He passed by (Luke 19:1-10). “When Jesus reached the spot he looked up and said to him “Zacchaeus  come down. Hurry, for I am to stay at your house today” And he hurried down and welcomed him joyfully’ (Luke 19:5-7). Roland Rolheiser a Canadian Oblate priest and an excellent spiritual writer holds a particular view on this Gospel. He speaks about the small Zacchaeus and the big Zacchaeus. He goes on: –  The gospels point out that, before his conversion, Zacchaeus was a short man, someone lacking in height, but that, after his conversion, the tall man gave back what the small man had stolen. Meeting Jesus, it seems, made Zacchaeus grow bigger in stature. In essence, we all have two souls, two hearts, and two minds. Inside of each of us there’s a soul, heart, and mind that’s petty, that’s been hurt, that wants vengeance, that wants to protect itself, that’s frightened of what’s different, that’s prone to gossip, that’s racist, that perennially feels cheated. Seen in a certain light, all of us are as small in stature as the pre- converted Zacchaeus. But there’s also a tall, big-hearted person inside each of us, someone who wants to warmly embrace the whole world, beyond personal hurt, selfishness, race, creed, and politics. We are always both, grand and petty. The world isn’t divided up between big-hearted and small-minded people. Rather our days are divided up between those moments when we are big-hearted, generous, warm, hospitable, unafraid, wanting to embrace everyone and those moments when we are petty, selfish, over-aware of the unfairness of life, frightened, and seeking only to protect ourselves and our own safety and interests. We are both tall and short at the same time and either of these can manifest itself from minute to minute”.

Are we big-hearted? We don’t live in easy times. We live in a very polarised church – and it is not easy to be vulnerable. The best definition of the word Catholic comes from Jesus himself: “In my Father’s house there are many rooms” (John 14:2).  In speaking of the Father’s house, Jesus is not speaking about a mansion in the sky, but about God’s heart. God’s heart has many rooms. It can embrace everything. In the first reading today from the Book of Wisdom (11:22-12:2): Yes you love all that exists, you hold nothing of what you made in abhorrence = (hatred) for had you hated anything you would not have formed it.” (Wisdom 11:24). God has a wide large heart. God is not sectarian. It is wide, un-petty, open and opposed to all that is factional, fundamentalist, and ideological. It is a heart that does not divide things up according to ours and theirs. One poet wrote: “The bosom of God is not a ghetto” Fundamentalism is a heart with just one room! They prefer slogans to critical thought. Their narrow mean little gods that they create to frighten others has no place in the heart of a follower of Jesus. Take to heart today the words in our Responsorial Psalm 144 – “The Lord is kind and full of compassion slow to anger abounding in love. How good is the Lord to all compassionate to all his creatures


Feasts of the Week: Tuesday: All Saints Day. Masses are at 10.30am – Charles. 12noon – Charles & 7pm – Brian.  

Wednesday: All Souls Day. Masses are at 12noon – Charles & 7pm – Victor.  

Thursday: St. Malachy (1094-1148) Bishop of Armagh. Friend of St. Bernard. He brought the Cistercians to Ireland in 1142. Also the Feast of Blessed Pius Campidelli Italian Passionist student (1868-1889) Beatified by Pope John Paul 11 on November 17. 1985

Friday: St. Charles Borromeo (1538-1584) Cardinal Archbishop of Milan. Patron saint of catechists and seminarians.

Saturday: St. Martin de Porres (1579-1639). Peruvian Dominican brother who worked for the poor.


Confessions & Duty: Please note we will have extra confessions tomorrow Monday (31st Oct)  from 2pm – 5pm – Charles & Anthony. Mass @ 7pm – Charles.

Tues–  Brian.  Mass @ 7pm – Brian.  

Wed – Victor & Arthur. Mass @ 7pm – Victor.     

Thurs – Arthur & Charles. Mass @ 7pm – Arthur  

Fri – Anthony. Sat 5 – 6pm.

Sat –  Anthony.


Thank you for the wonderful collection taken up last weekend in aid of the oversea missions. It came to £3080. Your support of the work of all who are serving the Gospel far from their own homeland is truly remarkable. A sincere thank you on their behalf.


The November cleaning group will meet on Wednesday 2nd November. We appreciate your time and effort.


November Dead Lists are available beside the Shrine to Our Lady of Fatima. Mass will be celebrated every day in the monastery for those of your deceased family and friends, and those names you put on the list. May they all rest in peace. 


Graan Draw: Tickets are available at all the doors of our Church for our annual draw. The draw will take place on the 2 December 2022 and can be viewed on the webcam. It is the only fund-raising activity that we have we would appreciate your support by buying or selling tickets for us. We are grateful to all our retail outlets & volunteers. Ticket selling in Belleek on Friday 4th Nov.


The Shop has restocked for Christmas. There are a great selection of cribs on display as well as candles, diaries, cards and suitable gifts for Christmas and new Christmas Mass Bouquets.  Cost £2 / €2.50.


Recently Deceased


Pat O Brien, Fortwilliam Pk, Belfast

Agnes Mc Caffrey, Lisnaskea

Angela Isherwood, Bath, England

Siobhan Owens, Sligo Rd, Enniskillen

Ann Gray, Holywell, Belcoo

Nishey Harte, Omagh



Thomas & Mary B Rooney, Erne Drive, Enniskillen

Sony Keown, Gleneast, Garrison

Sr Margaret Mc Govern, South Africa formerly Tempo

Bernie Gallagher, Glenwood Gardens, Enniskillen

The Gallagher families Arney & Mulleek

Patrick,  Bridget & Peggy Murphy, Brookeborough

The Mulhern Family, Kiltyclogher, Co Leitrim

The Maguire Family, Kiltyclogher, Co Leitrim

Leo Gray, Belcoo & London

Art Maguire, Hillview, Enniskillen

Franzie & Philomena Mc Govern, Garrison

John Mc Govern, Loughside Rd, Garrison

John Joe & Mary Flanagan, Treel, Boho

Henry & Mary Hurrell

Jim & Michael Murray

Nellie Conroy, Beragh

Thomas James Gormley, Roscor, Belleek







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