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Weekly Bulletin 6th June 2021

Today is the feast day of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ: We give thanks to God our Father, for Jesus, high priest of the new covenant. The word “covenant” means an agreement between two parties. The word “testament” also indicates an agreement or treaty. We have the Old Testament (covenant) and the new testament. He gave over his body, poured out his blood for the salvation of all. In the first reading, describing the old agreement between God and his people, we hear that the people of Israel shared in the blessing of the covenant given at Mount Sinai by the sprinkling of the sacrificial blood over them. (Exodus 24:3-4). In the Gospel today we hear Jesus say “This is my blood, the blood of the covenant, which is to be poured out for many” (Mark 14:24). This all takes place at the Last Supper. A new covenant is being forged and sealed whose blessings are offered to all. The death of Jesus founds the new community. The Last Supper helps us to understand the meaning of Jesus’ death on Calvary. The English physician William Harvey discovered the manner in which blood circulates through the body in the 17th century. Cultures across the world, from time immemorial, understood blood as both an actual and a symbolic element, the very essence of life. Jesus is stating, here in Mark’s Gospel that his blood, poured out in his Passion and made really present in the Eucharist, will reestablish the bond of kinship between God and humanity. The Eucharist, among other things, is a memorial of Jesus’ sacrifice for us, of his great act of “being broken”, of giving himself over in love. In the second reading today from the letter to the Hebrews (9:11-15) we are told that Jesus is the only priest and that he has entered the sanctuary and passed over, shedding his own blood and handing his life over to God. There will be no more sacrifices because Jesus is the acceptable offering and he has taken us altogether into his own Body to be presented to God. Christ gave His life for us – there is no more need of the blood of dumb animals – Christ blood is much more effective in setting us free from sin and death. Every time we celebrate Mass it is our lives, our sufferings and dyings that we bring with Jesus’ own gift of himself to offer to the Father, to be made holy by the Spirit. What happens to the bread and wine is what happens to all of us. We become the Body and Blood of Christ more deeply and truly.  “Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood will live in me and I in them” says the Lord” (John 6:56)


Feasts of the Week: Wednesday: St. Columba – Secondary Patron of Ireland, Abbot and Missionary. Born in Gartan, Co. Donegal in 520. Founded monastery of Doire Colgach which is the foundation of the modern city of Derry in 546. Also founded monasteries in Durrow (Offaly), Kells (Meath) Moone (Kildare) and Glencolumcille. He exiled himself to an island off Scotland called Iona. We know of his life because the ninth Abbot of Iona called Adomnán wrote his life story.

Friday: The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. June is a month dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. 

Saturday: The Immaculate Heart of Mary – This feast reverberates with yesterday’s feast because the Heart of Jesus is united onto the heart of his Mother who was also his follower and disciple. 


Thank you for your generosity last weekend. Despite the economic downturn that we are all experiencing at the moment your kindness and support of us here at the Graan is remarkable. A word of thanks also to our Ushers and Ministers of the Eucharist who help in the smooth running of our religious services. Thank you for wearing your masks, keeping social distancing and for sanitising your hands. We do this to keep each other safe. The possible outbreak of the Indian variant of coronavirus causes us all concern. We need to be careful that we do not create any variant of our own! Thank you to June’s Cleaning Group for all their hard work as always.


Prayer of St Columba: Sometimes in a lonely cell /  In the presence of my God I stand and listen. / In the silence of my heart I can hear His Will When I listen / Despairing people flock to me / They expect that I can see / The answers. / They ask my advice They say I am wise. I answer; That nothing can deceive me If I stand alone and listen / For I am but a servant / Who is guided by His King / When I listen / Sometimes in a lonely cell / In the presence of My God I stand and listen.


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Recently Deceased 


Anne Mc Carney, Omagh

Thomas Swift, Roslea & Huddersfield

Baby Kayla Rose Mc Donagh, Omagh

Teresa (Teasy) Mc Gurn, Castlecoole Rd, Enniskillen

May Gilleece,  Kinawley




Declan O’Connell, Laurelvale Court, Sligo Rd, Enniskillen formerly Co Kerry

The Mc Gurn Family, Ashwoods

The Togher family, Belmullet

Frs Cosmas & Marius Donnelly, C.P The Graan Monastery

Donal Blake, Tobermore Pk, Enniskillen

Una Slevin, Tempo

Alice & Eddie Donegan, Mill Street Enniskillen

Noel Donegan, Rossorry Church Rd, Enniskillen

Paddy Mc Gowan, Chanterhill Rd, Enniskillen

Conor Burns, Drumclay Rd, Enniskillen

The Millar Family & Sarah Murphy

Bernard & Elizabeth Murphy, Derrylin

Kathleen & Billy Mc Clintock, Drumcor Hill, Enniskillen

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