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Weekly Bulletin 8th November 2020

Today is the 32 Sunday in Ordinary Time: The Gospel today speaks of being prepared for the second coming of Jesus. When we recite the Creed at Mass we pray: “He will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead.” Many fundamental Christians see these days of the fast-encroaching coronavirus disease, isolation from loved ones and crashing stock markets as the beginning of the end times! However Jesus says in Matthew 24:36 “Of that day and hour (when Jesus will return) no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, but My Father only”  The Gospel we read at Mass today (Matthew 25:1-13) speaks of the ten bridesmaids waiting for the bridegroom to arrive for the feast. Five were wise and five were foolish.  There is a delay in the bridegroom arriving for his feast. None are watching when the bridegroom arrives. All are asleep!  They get their lamps ready. The foolish ones have no oil for the lamps and they beg for some of the oil from the wise ones who have only oil for their own lamps. Are the wise bridesmaids being terribly selfish in not sharing some of their oil with them?  However we all know that there are just some things in life that are not transferable to others. The oil stands for faith and good works and we just cannot pass them on to others. You can’t borrow the oil of faith. You can’t borrow another’s good works. You must respond to God’s call yourself. St. Augustine and other ancient writers saw the oil as a symbol of love: a love which we cannot buy but receive as a gift, which we keep in our hearts and practise in good works.  When we reawaken for the final judgement, we will be assessed on the basis of the love we have shown during our earthly lives. This love is a gift of Christ, poured upon us by the Holy Spirit. St. Matthew, in today’s Gospel, is calling his community, and is calling us also, to responsible discipleship in the face of the delay in the return of Jesus as Judge. Discipleship is not passive waiting till the end of time – what is needed is oil – which is good deeds. It is about active engagement in the present which will determine the shape of our future. This is a tragic parable because the foolish bridesmaids failed to make adequate preparations to pursue their intentions of sharing in the wedding feast. When they got back to the entrance to the feast they found the door closed to them. All ten bridesmaids were waiting. They all had the same opportunity and same oil lamps. They all could have gathered the oils in time. They all were preparing and waiting for the same wedding. They all had the same bridegroom coming to them… but only five of them were taking the long-term view and came fully prepared… The final words of today’s Gospel – Be Watchful, Be Prepared, Be Vigilant. 


Feasts of the Week: Monday: The Dedication of the Lateran Basilica:. John Lateran’s remains the pope’s official church in his capacity as bishop of Rome.  It has inscribed over the door the words; “The mother church of Rome and of all the churches in the world” Tuesday: St. Leo the Great died in 461 AD taught on the two natures of Christ, human and divine at the Council of Chalcedon in 451 AD and the primacy of the See of Peter. Wednesday: St. Martin of Tours (316-397) Patron of France, founder of monasteries. Thursday: St. Josaphat, Bishop and Martyr (1580-1623) worked for the reunion of Ukrainian Catholics.


Plenary Indulgences for Holy Souls: The Apostolic Penitentiary in Rome have issued this statement – (a) That the plenary indulgence of 2 November, for those who visit a church or oratory and recite the “Our Father” and “Creed” there is transferred to any day throughout the month of November  (b)That the plenary indulgence for those who visit a cemetery and pray for the dead, even if only mentally, on the days of 1-8 November is transferred to any day throughout the month of November (d) That the elderly, the sick and those who for whatever reason are confined to their homes in this time of pandemic will be able to obtain the plenary indulgence as long as they join spiritually with all the other faithful, praying prayers for the deceased and with the intention of complying as soon as possible with the three usual conditions (sacramental confessions, Eucharistic communion and prayer for the Pope’s Intentions)


Thanks for all the generous support that you are giving us here in the Graan. We appreciate your thoughtfulness during these difficult days. We are indebted for your prayers and donations. Be assured of a daily remembrance in our prayers. Thanks to our ushers, collectors, ministers of the Eucharist and to all those who help to sanitise the seats after each Mass. You are a gift  to all the people who come to pray with us. 


Graan Draw: Our first prize in our draw is £5000 and the second prize is £1000 followed by prizes of £100. Because of the Covid regulations we are unable to sell tickets in our usual outlets and we would appreciate it so much if you could help to sell a couple of books of tickets for us. The draw will take place on the 8 December 2020. 


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