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Weekly Bulletin 9th August 2020

Today is the 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time: Today in the Gospel Jesus walks on the waters of the Sea of Galilee and Peter makes an attempt to join Him. For the people of Israel – who are not a seafaring race – the sea was always a place of chaos.  In moments of fear and anxiety we are called to faith and trust in a God who saves us from chaos. We often say: “Why don’t I have more faith?” Why can’t I trust God? Why am I afraid to let go and let God take care of me? Why do I doubt? I believe I am in God’s hands and they are good hands, but then I lose my job and cannot find another and as the interviews go on and on and my savings disappear my faith goes with them and I begin to sink. I believe that God is present and active in the world but terrible things keep happening. The bad news of the spread of coronavirus just keeps coming! I believe in life after death and a bright future with God but then I get sick and the doctor says maybe six or nine months and I pray for a miracle and no miracle comes and I pray for the reassuring voice of God but no voice comes and the waves creep up my legs and I begin to sink. Why do we doubt? Because we are afraid, because the sea is so vast and we are so small because the storm is so powerful and we are so easily sunk, because life is beyond our control and we are so helpless in its grip. We doubt because we are afraid even when we do have faith?  At least we have some. Like Peter we have a little and a little is better than nothing, even though there are times when it does not seem enough to save us. Like Peter we try to walk with Jesus and we fail, we take a few steps and we sink and we cry out “Lord save me!” and he does, giving us both his hands and his rebuke: “O you of little faith why did you doubt?” Hearing that most of us count ourselves failures but I wonder. Can you imagine the story turning out the other way? What if Peter had not sunk?  What if he had jumped out of the boat with perfect confidence?  Then smiled across the waters at Jesus gliding towards him without a moment’s hesitation? What if the others all jumped out to? And danced around it? It would be a very different story! IT MIGHT BE A BETTER STORY BUT IT WOULD NOT BE A STORY ABOUT US.  The truth about us  is more complicated. The truth about us is that we obey and we fear; we walk and we sink; we believe and we doubt. But it is not that we do both one and the another. We do both. Our faith and our doubt are not mutually exclusive; they both exist in us at the same time, buoying us up and bearing us down; giving us courage and feeding our fears, supporting our weight on the wild seas of our lives and sinking us like stones! That is why we need Jesus. That is why we would not be caught dead in the water without him. Our fears and doubts may paralyse us but they also what makes us cry out for his saving touch, so how can they be all bad? If we never sank – if we could walk on the water just fine by ourselves – we would not need a Saviour. We could go into business for ourselves. Our doubts and fears remind us of who we are and whom we need in our lives to save our lives. When we sink as Peter does – and we all do – our Lord reaches out and catches us – responding first with grace and then with judgement – “Why did you doubt?” –  but never with rejection! 


Thank you for your contributions to our weekly collections and to the many anonymous donations sent into us by various means towards the upkeep of the Graan. Thanks also to all our ushers who help our visitors to acquaint themselves with our new seating arrangements here in the Graan. A little word of appreciation also to those who so readily help to clean the seats of the Church and door handles after each Mass. If you pick up a bulletin, please do not leave it in the church, but take it home with you.  Despite the restrictions of social distancing etc our shop continues to be very busy and we appreciate your custom. You are being remembered everyday in the prayers of this community. Fr. Charles C.P.


FEAST OF THE ASSUMPTION: Saturday is the feast of Mary’s Assumption: Mary was taken up body and soul into Heaven. It was not fitting that the body of Mary, who was preserved free from sin by God’s grace, should suffer decay in a grave.

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Recently Deceased


John Hume, Derry City

Paddy Flynn, Queen St, Enniskillen

Joe Mc Caffrey, Riverside, Enniskillen

Delia Carey, Lettergreen, Newtownbutler

Mary Elizabeth Walls, nee Mc Gourty, Ballygowan

& formerly Belcoo



John Mullen, Gransagh

Brendan Lilley, Chanterhill Rd, Enniskillen, Month’s Mind  

Bernard Mc Daid, Whaley Terrace, Enniskillen

Tom & May Lunney, Drumee, Enniskillen

Maura Curran, Westbridge House, Enniskillen


Margaret Thorpe, Derrylin Rd, Enniskillen               (Month’s Mind)

John Gormley & the Gormley family, Roscor, Belleek

May, Willie and the Mc Kiernan Family, Drumbrughas West, Newtownbutler

Kathleen & Joseph Mc Elhatton, Co Tyrone

Sarah Mc Manus, Drumaraw, Springfield

The Mc Manus family, Carngreen, Boho

Gavin Mimnagh, Enniskillen

May, Patrick & James Duffy & the Maguire & Duffy Families, Aghoo, Belcoo

Sean Mc Govern, Doagh, Derrygonnelly

Sonny Mc Govern, Tonnagh, Derrygonnelly

Kevin Bannon, Boho





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